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Shipment inspection:

What is a shipment inspection? and how to do it?

The Shipment Inspection is when the production is completed, and the products are at least 80% fully packed normally (or before carton packing sometimes), and ready for shipment.

The inspectors go down to the facotories on-site, randomly select some samples systematically, and inspect according to our pre-formulated preshipment inspection protocol , to see if everything is acceptable for final release to the shipping company.

As a rule, the factories should have inspect all the products by themselves by their in-house QCs. In the factory's quality control dept. there should have normally: IQC,IPQC,PQC,FQC,OQC inside the quality management system, to make sure a smooth flow of materials, parts, components, and accessories. these QC functions are also supposed to find out problems early, so it won't cause massive problems to save time and defect cost.

pre-shipment inspection

But sometimes some of the factories, mostly small ones just do not have this quality control depart to help them keep the quality stable, and cost down. Even if the some factories do have this departments, but as all inspectors are human that makes mistake, or negligence, or lower standards, so it is necessary to add the another pair of eyes: a third party final inspection.

The inspectors will have a complete verifications of the shipment styles, quantity, assortment, outer packing, inner packing, durability for transit, barcode, product descriptions, measurements, some safety, functions, durability tests etc.

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