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Cutlery preshipment QC:

The checking procedures of the inspection services for: Tableware, Silverware, Cutleries, Forks, Knives, SS Spoon, Filters etc.

A. Quantity & assortment check OK
B. Shipping marks & packing OK
C. Labels, logos and colors NOT OK
D. Styles & measurements NOT OK
E. Onsite safety and function tests N/A
F. Special requirements OK
G. AQL workmanship
(Visual checks)

The quality preshipment QC inspections for cutlery are:

cutlery preshipment QC

Please find below for a sample checklist for cutlery QC check:

18/0 Stainless steel materials checked.(Use the magnet cannot have strong magnetic force磁铁测试水能有强的磁力) PASSED
Food grade transparent polybag test certificates(胶袋食品级证书) FAILED
Perform a strength check.-Test all connections using normal force.-II PASSED
Check all the accessories with the item.-- II PASSED
For adhesive test: perform test on coating (painting/plating/ screen printing, etc) with 3M tape.-S2 PASSED
Perform quantity and assortment check in each package--S3 PASSED
Smell checked-S1 PASSED
Perform a carton drop test on the export cartons:10 times(1 corner 3 edges 6 faces) N/A
Scan for UPC barcode label and master barcode N/A
Perform a fatigue test on all adjustable parts.--S2 PASSED
Product or raw materials related to Test certificates (产品或原材料相关检测证书) PASSED
Perform a rub test for printing and marking ; Adhesive test for coating if applicable-For rub test: The durability of the marking is checked by trying to remove it by rubbing lightly for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with water and, after drying, for a further 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with petroleum spirit; if the spirit not available , use the 95% alcohol - After the test, the marking shall be legible, marking labels shall not be easily removable and they shall show no curling. PASSED

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