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Electric kettle inspection:

For electric kettle inspections, the checking points are mostly:

  • A. Quantity check
  • B. Shipping marks & packing
  • C. Labels, logos and colors
  • D. Styles & measurements
  • E. Onsite safety and function tests
  • F. Special requirements
  • G. AQL workmanship
    (Visual checks)
electric kettle inspection

Please find below for an examples of the on-site quality inspection for electric kettles:

Fitness check PASSED
Perform hi-pot test PASSED
Perform power consumption test FAILED
Perform stability test :Put the product on a surface inclined to 15 degree ,the item should not tip over PASSED
Perform fatigue test for all adjustable parts PASSED
Perform a timer accuracy test for each position PASSED
Perform barcode check PASSED
Pull test on power cord Pull on the cord for 25 times in 1 minute. PASSED
Earth continuity test 1 2V/25A the resistance should be below 0.1 Ohm PASSED
Perform quantity and assortment check for each package PASSED
Test all detail functions according to the instruction manual&listed on the gift box PASSED
Internal check –taking photo for all the component and list the CDF chart which should be complied with specs FAILED
Abnormal function test (short pass the fuse) PASSED
Real food for some function test PASSED
Perform a temperature when the steam come out PASSED
Life test during the whole inspection period FAILED
Thermo link and temperature fuse test if applicable FAILED

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