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pre-shipment QC:

What is a Pre-shipment QC?

It is to QC check the goods before shipment, it is to inspect the product's quality levels when the products are all fully finished, and mostly packed.

Such kind of final inspection is widely adopted by buyers all over the world to make sure for the last time if the product quality level is within the defect limits.


How to do a preshipment QC?

First of all, the inspector will go down to the factory, and check the product pile.

Secondly, the QC inspector will check the overall quantities of each styles: order quantity, finished / unfinished quantity, packed / unpacked quantity etc.

Then, he / She will randomly pick the predetermined sample sizes of each styles, open the cartons, check inner packing, gift boxes, stuffing, assortments etc.

For packings, the inspector will also check the shipping marks, labels, barcodes, printing, logos.

For the product, the inspector will check the color, printing, sizes, and WORKMANSHIP: defects...

Onsite test for packing protections, function tests, inner check of the products, safety tests etc. according to the products.

Examine the customer's special concerns and requirements.

Pre-shipment QC

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