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AQL inspection:

What is an AQL Inspection?

An AQL Inspection is a product inspection method using the universal accepted international quality inspection standard: AQL sampling, defect rate, defect definition, defect classification methods to inspect the products.

It is a systematical & statistical way to randomly check the products, and see if the defect rate is within the Acceptable Quality Limit, and the shipment is acceptable, or should be rejected for rework.

Why using random check? 1) it is the factory's responsibilities to make sure the quality is generally acceptable, 2). it is too costly and unconvenient  Because mostly it would cost too much time and trouble to do full check, 3) like the matches, it cannot be all tested to find out if every piece lights up, we can only test a handful randomly, and estimate the percentage.

The random samples need to be picked out from different spots of the product pile when all the products mostly full packed into the cartons or pallets. And if one products have too many defects, we only count as one defective products.

AQL inspection

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