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Glassware preshipment inspection:

How to inspect Wedding Glassware on-site? Sometimes there are many visual defects in glasswares, it is better to check and see if the critical/major/minor defects are within limits:

  1. Quantity Inspection
  2. Packing Inspections: assortment, carton sealing, tapings, shipping marks, gift boxes and wrappings etc.
  3. Labels, SKUs, Barcodes, Logos
  4. Measurements, Sizes, Weights
  5. Colours, Assemblies
  6. Function & Safety On-site Testing
  7. Visual Defects: Critical Defects, Major Defects, Minor Defects
  8. Special requirements & attentions etc.
glassware preshipment inspection

As a random example, please find below a testing list for Candle Glass Onsite Inspections:

Check carton mark descriptions.  检查箱麦 PASSED
Test all detailed functions according to the instruction manual or listed on the gift box PASSED
Do tape test on all inside and outside coatings. 需要做胶纸粘贴涂层牢度测试 -S2 PASSED
Perform a wobble test on a flat glass panel. Check both the top rim of the glass and the bottom.-There should be no wobbling of the base or the rim. PASSED
Use white tissue or bright light to check for coating defectives. 需要用白纸衬着对光检查表面疵点。 PASSED
Weight of an individual piece - scaled maximum tolerance allowable based on item weight -
● -/+ 10% items less than 500g
● -/+ 8% items greater than 501 to 2000g
● -/+ 5% all items greater than 2000g
Do hot water test for glass  需要做热水测试 N/A
To report on 6 random samples for : diameter, height, fill volume and weight.  量称6个 PASSED
Test the item for water leakage during the entire inspection period.-Fill the item with water then place onto a paper to check there is no leakage at all.-S2 PASSED
On decoration important quality criteria are spray defects, color variations from item to item and also in the same item from top to bottom or from side to side. 个与个、单个内部色差 FAILED
Fitting check FAILED
Perform quantity and assortment check in each package FAILED

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