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Clock preshipment inspection in Fujian:

How to check a clock? What is a clock inspection?

Mostly the clocks are manufactured in Guangdong & Fujian provinces, mostly in Fushan & Zhangzhou, we all have inspectors with years of experiences in inspecting the clock, watches, there.

Except for checking for the workmanship, the another important part is to check for the accuracy of the movement, if the clocks keep time punctually, to seconds, minutes, hours. and it displays time and date correctly.

The dial should not have any stains, scratches, spacing correctly, and free of glue marks. the second hand, minute hand, and hour hand should move freely and smoothly without trembling.

All hands should be on deck!

Clock onsite inspection services in Fujian, according to our inspection protocol, the onsite inspectors will inspect as below:

  • Quantity & assortment
  • Packing
  • shipping marks
  • gift box
  • barcode
  • literature
  • Sizes
  • Visual defects according to AQL
  • onsite tests as below
  • The Daily  Differences of Clock,
  • Monthly Differences of Clock
  • Please check if the minute hand is correctly at 12 when the clock is at 3, 6, 9
  • Perform Application testing-S1
  • Alarm function test
  • Movement Check)
  • Application test

For the inspection types at different production stages:

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