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GPS onsite inspection:

For the quality OQC inspections for electronics like the global positioning system (GPS) for cars driving, guiding, tracking etc. the QC check inspection will check:

  • A. Quantity check
  • B. Shipping marks & packing
  • C. Label, logos and colors
  • D. Styles & measurements
  • E. Onsite safety and function tests
  • F. Special requirements
  • G. AQL workmanship
    (Visual defects)

The GPS quality inspection types are mostly:

GPS onsite inspection

An on-site quality check listed below for GPS:

Perform an internal check of all wiring, cables, electrical components,etc PASSED
Perform a function test.Make sure each GPS works properly:
-Start up, -GPS Mode, -MP3 player,- Video player - the drive-direction function and other function shown on giftbox,manual or spec..
life test during the whole inspection period FAILED
internal memory capacity check PASSED
Perform an assembly test on the car if applicable Item can easily be assembled and the suction works correctly on glass N/A
Check for pixel damage on the display. FAILED
Perform a polarity check and battery fitness check with batteries of the indicated size. FAILED
Check that GPS receiver
connects to GPS satellites and finds your location. Check how long it takes to connect to satellite.
If the item is battery operated, check the battery compartmentby inserting batteries of the required type into the compartment. When checking the voltage of theitem, write down all findings in detail (i.e., percentage failed, range of findings, etc.). PASSED

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