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factory assessment:

Factory Assessment is mostly the same as Factory Audit. But a simpler verson. Mostly we will do this according to the clients' requirement, but most of the checking points are almost the same, and this is for small factory/workshop. and it is assess if the factory is legit, well equipped, and capable to produce, and fulfill the designated orders.

The focuses will still be on the facilities, legitimacy, organization, annual sales volume, production management, and quality management: details will as be follows:

A. Factory profile

B. Human Resources

C. Certifications

D. Factory Facilities and Environment

E. Quality Assurance System F. Incoming Materials Control

G. Process and Production Control

H. In-house Lab-Testing

I. Final inspection

J. Health and Safety

pre-shipment inspection

For simple products, and small factories less than 50 staff, we can use this simple version that might cost less.

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