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Router QC services:

The preshipment inspections for routers will verify if they work properly and the order/ product specifications are met:

  • A. Quantity & assortment check
  • B. Shipping marks & packing
  • C. Labels, logos and colors
  • D. Styles & measurements
  • E. Onsite safety and function tests
  • F. Special requirements
  • G. AQL workmanship
    (Visual checks)

Normally for this kind of QC check inspections of routers, it would be final inspections, but we also have:

Router QC services

An example of router onsite quality inspections fyi:

Perform quantity and assortment check for all component (S2) FAILED
Collect report data. Once finished all the tests and validations the inspector has to send the Test recorded data to Teldat. Test Result Recording issue is documented in Testing.pdf PASSED
Perform a function test.
All inspection procedures and specifications will according to client's requirement included: golden sample, packing requirement, Product specification, Inspection Protocol, Instruction manual, etc a. Power on/off test 5 times; b. LED/LCD/VFD display and LED indicator check; c. All input/output socket function
Check colors, sizes, weight, logo, CD and documents only on ONE product
- c.1 Check colors, sizes, weight, logo
- c.2 Check CD
- c.3 Check Packing List and Disclaimer
Internal workmanship check PASSED
Perform wobble test, put the unit on the flat surface ,the unit should not tip or wobble during the test N/A
Take snapshots of ALL pallets and of the Products in the show room FAILED
Error must be documented with snapshots. S/N must be recorded N/A
Product internal visual inspection
- f.1 Indoor cleaning. Once the DUT is opened, the inspector has to check the board
- f.2 The inspector has to check the board components
- f.3 Board labeling.
- f.4 Screws. The inspector will review the screwing of the sample
Test DUT following the document. Inspector requires the herein material specified.
During Test, inspector is asked to check leds. These must light perfectly. Every DUT must use their own power supply and antennas.
Plastic cover has to be placed on DUT
Perform remote control test -check the distance for the remote(S2) PASSED
S/N for the inspected sample are written down in the our report
- b.2 Capture images and record S/N of the faulty products for solving them
Record data of the inspected sample
- b.1 Write down in the report S/N of the inspected sample.
- b.2 Take snapshots of the defects detected
- c.1 Colors, sizes and weights matches the criteria defined
- c.2 CD shows Teldat artwork when box is opened. It is shipped in a paper bag. CD has no visible scratch on any side.
- c.3 Documents are neatly printed. Margins are OK. Paper has no marks, no dirt and they are not broken.
The DUT passes the test. If something is wrong it is recommended to turn-off the DUT and to repeat the test again. PASSED
Perform hi-pot test if applicable PASSED

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