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Eye glasses inspector:

There are 2 places are famous for making prescription eye glasses, eyewear, spectacles and frames in China, Hengguang Shenzhen & Zhenjiang Jiangsu. And some low end sunglasses & protection goggles in Yiwu, Ningbo Zhejiang. The quality QC inspection onsite will check:

A. Quantity check N/A
B. Shipping marks & packing OK
C. Labels, logos and colors OK
D. Styles & measurements NOT OK
E. Onsite safety and function tests OK
F. Special requirements OK
G. AQL workmanship
(Visual checks)

Professionally, there are below kinds of factory onsite QC for eye glasses:

Eye glasses inspector

The checklist for the quality check for eye glasses:

Bending front surface 3 times of each model and colour-lenses should stay firmly in frame-5 pcs N/A
CE conformity certificate must be provided for each model and colour-form filled in-Check once only FAILED
Spectacle cases-no serious scratches, no dammage, no pending fil, no printing mistake-20 pcs FAILED
Packaging-bulk production should comply to specification doc-II PASSED
Compare with reference samples-bulk production should comply -II PASSED
Carefully move nose pad holder of an angle of 90° 3 times of each model and colour-nose pad holder should not break or split-5 pcs PASSED
Close and open each temple 10 times, of each model and colour-no serious play in the temple, screws should stay firmly-5 pcs N/A
Adhesion test (scotch adhesion) 3 times inside right temple on printing of each model and colour-printing should resist and should be still readable-5pcs PASSED

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