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Tablet PC pre-shipment inspection:

What to check for in tablet PC pre-shipment inspection? We mostly do:

  • Quantity & assortment verifying
  • Packaging, safety and drop tests
  • Labels, markings, logos & barcodes check
  • On-site safety, regulation & function testing
  • Product specs, and special requirements check
  • Measurements & sizes check
  • Aesthetic, visual defects, workmanship, surface and function check
tablet PC pre-shipment inspection

An examples of on-site inspection test list for Tablet PC:

Check the android version-must be 4.0.4-III (50Pcs) Checked on 50pcs PASSED
Kind of packing Thickness of the packing Size of the packing Weight of the packing.... Shipping mark / side mark, Type of carton (thickness, etc…)Size and Weight of items-100% OK-III (50 Pcs) Gift box size:28.4x3.7x4.4cm
Gift box weight: 0.52kg
The unit keyboard is for Android keyboard,
The unit keyboard is for Android keyboard,
no AZERTY keyboard;
No shipping mark
You must find a FRENCH PLUG ADAPTER--III (50 Pcs) The adaptor is for UL, the manufacturer they will replace them with EU adaptor. FAILED
Check instruction manual is inserted in box (FRENCH VERSION)--III (50Pcs) No instruction manual included FAILED
Check the DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN--III (50 Pcs) Checked on 50pcs PASSED
TEST the WIFI connection--II (50Pcs) Checked on 50pcs PASSED
TEST the HP (listening music)--II (50 Pcs) Checked on 50pcs PASSED
8GO memory inside 2 cameras integrated Actual finding UL adaptor included not for FRENCH PLUG FAILED
FRENCH PLUG for the power adapter--
Perform a check of all basic operations.-Make sure the PC can work properly (Perform Start up - Default program launch - Shut down).-II (50Pcs) Checked on 50pcs PASSED
Perform an internal check and prepare a critical component list.-Based on critical component . Checked on 3pcs
Request at least one picture to show the whole construction of product.-S1 (3Pcs)
Connect the power input of the item to a power supply.--II (50 Pcs) Checked on 50pcs PASSED
*S* Perform a hi-pot test for the adaptor only. -Take clear pictures for following information: AC/DC socket, Requested voltage and calibration label-II (50 Pcs)
Check all accessories with the item.-There should be no missing items.-II (50 Pcs) Checked on 50pcs PASSED
Perform a full function check.-Check all detailed functions (software installation, webcam, wifi, USB connection, vedio output .... etc.).-S1 (3 Pcs) Checked on 3pcs PASSED
*S* Perform a pulling test for main supply cable-Use a force of 60N for 1 minute. The displacement of the cord should not be more than 2mm and there should be no breakage whatsoever.-S1 (3 Pcs) N/A N/A
Battery Check: Voltage, Polarity, Charging, etc.--S1 (3 Pcs) Checked on 3pcs PASSED
Rub and adhesive test on printing and marking--S1 (3 Pcs) Checked on 3pcs PASSED
Run the item continuously to check endurance.-Using burning software, burn data continuously, filling each disc. Do this over 4 hours.-S1 (3 Pcs) Play video 3 Hours PASSED
Make sure the PC can work properly (Perform Start up - Default program launch - Shut down).--S2 (5 Pcs) Checked on 5pcs PASSED
Gravitation protection function test --S1 (3 Pcs) Checked on 3pcs PASSED
Charging & discharging testing for battery -Recording the charging current, fully charging time , initial voltage , after full changing voltage , discharging current , and discharging time -S1 (3Pcs) Play video 3 Hours

Charge : 1 hour ( with some capacity)

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