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Fujian sofa preshipment QC:

In furniture pre-shipment inspections for such products like: Wheelchair, Sofa, Bed, Park Bench, Office Chair, Office furniture, Patio Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Wooden Products, Rattan Chairs, Massager, and Couch etc, the inspection will still be focusing on checking:

For onsite QC check for furniture inspection, the QC inspectors will check:

A. Quantity verify OK
B. Shipping marks & packing OK
C. Labels, logos and colors OK
D. Styles & measurements OK
E. Onsite safety and function tests OK
F. Special requirements OK
G. AQL workmanship
(Visual checks)

There are below types of sofa quality QC inspections available according to different production stages:

Fujian sofa preshipment QC

The onsite checking list for the sofa QC inspection as list below:

Check the density of the foam. check if the foam is recycle foam and thickness as client request PASSED
Check the item for any strong or offensive odors PASSED
Fatigue test for all the adjustable parts PASSED
Assemble test ,S2 It should be follow manual instruction FAILED
Perform moisture content test .(Check the moisture content of all wooden parts. - Check 3 points per piece and take the average data: (a+b+c)/3 - The moisture content for indoor products must be within 7%-12%; for outdoor products, it must be within 8%-16%.-S2) PASSED
Perform a function test according to the purpose.disclaim on the package PASSED
Perform a static loading test.400 lbs on every seat of the item at the same time for 1 hour. Place the weights at least 10cm away from the edges of the seat There should be no visible deformity. Or as per client Labeled claimed weight PASSED
Check the seam strength of each connection, especially on the seat, backrest, armrest and PASSED
Perform a wobble test.-On a flat place - No foot of the item should lift more than 2mm.-II PASSED

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