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  • Mar 01, 22
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On-site Inspection

WeCheck CTS offers onsite inspection services in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Tailand etc.

After receiving your inspection bookings, our operations will contact your supplier to confirm the date and address. After the booking info has all been confirmed, we will arrange the itinerary for the inspector to visit the factory onsite, which means we have to buy tickets, book hotel etc..

onsite inspection

When arriving the factories, the inspector will first check the quantity, mostly the products will all be packed into cartons, or pallets, and ready for shipment. Take onsite pictures and record the finished quantity, packed quantity, unfinished quantity etc.

Secondly, the inspector will randomly select the required sample size from different position of the product piles, then take pictures too, with packing methods, carton marks.

Thirdly, the inspector will open the cartons, check the inner quantity, inner packing, artworks, packing requirements, and the products themselves.

We will also check the barcodes, packing size (carton+gift boxes+gift bags), and the product sizes, measurements, colors, logos. We have a checklist before the inspections to make sure we don't miss a thing.

We will also do some onsite tests to according to the industrial requirements, including a function test, a drop test, client's special requirements etc.

Finally it will be a visual check for defects according to AQL inspection requirements. to check if the defect rate is within the allowed limits or not.

The inspection report will be sent in 24hrs after the inspection, with pictures, comments, findings and the results for your decisions if the factory should proceed with the shipment, or they need to rework.