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  • Mar 31, 23
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What are IQC, IPQC, PQC, FQC ,OQC?

The job descriptions might depend on each factory's denifitions. But roughly, they are as below:

Preshipment Inspection

What is IQC?

IQC is short for: Incoming material Quality Control: The factories, manufacturers have special QC department, IQC to check the raw materials, components, and parts from their suppliers, before admitting to the warehouse.

What is IPQC?

In Process Quality Control, they are monitoring assigned process, to make sure there won't massive defective parts or components going into the next process. PQC (Process Quality Control) too.

What is FQC?

FQC is Final Product QC, they are supposed to check every piece of finished products before proceeding to packing.

What is OQC?

OQC is the acronym Outgoing Quality Control, they are responsible for checking the finished with packaging, using AQL sampling plan.

QCs are supposed to pick out a defective products, parts, components or material, keep them in defective piles, and send back to rework.

IPQC and FQC should be common, a good qualified factory should have all. But in most accasions, lots of factories don't have some of them, or some even have none.

All QCs are subjective, and may adopt a loose standard. An extra pair of eyes will help further ensure the product quality.

Good quality costs good money, the higher the quality, the more expensive. Everyone cut back, quality might drop.