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  • Nov 30, 21
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Product Quality Inspection Services in China

When you are sourcing from overseas, how do you manage your quality onsite from a distance? Is the quality level of your products within acceptable limits? Why the customers stopped buying your products? Are they many defects, or errors in your products? Could you have done better?

product inspection

The first choice of course is for you to do the inspection 100% by yourselves, handpick every pieces, onsite tests of function, safety, durability etc. if you have the time, energy, and money, because it will cost too much.

The second choice is to hire you own QC staff to do that for you, but still it might cost too much even if you have enough shipments to split the overheads cost monthly of travelling social welfare, salaries to name a few.

The third choice is to outsource the QC inspection to a third party inspection company like WeCheck CTS Co Ltd, to do the preshipment inspections, final random Inspections, QC checks, Factory audits, Factory Inspections, Quality inspections, onsite inspections, inline inspections, and product inspections for you. 

With 150+ quality inspectors all over Asia, WeCheck CTS Co Ltd specializes in softline inspections, hardline inspections, electronics inspections, machine inspections etc.

Specifically speaking, this inspection company has done a lot of:

The cost will be fixed by man-day, all included, easy to budget, and no job, no cost.