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T-shirt preshipment QC:

The Preshipment Inspections for T-shirt will normally check below info are correct and according to the specs:

  • Packaging, logos, labels and markings etc.
  • Special requirements & on-site testing
  • Measurements & size checks
  • Rub tests, wash tests, seam tests etc.
  • Fabric defects checking
  • Customer's specs
  • Color differences and shifting
  • Foreign objects like broken pins, human hairs etc.
  • Stains, moulds, odor and insects
  • Thread ends
  • Stitches counts
T-shirt preshipment QC

Please find below for a checklist for the test list for T-shirt onsite preshipment inspections:

Test the strength of the seams by hand FAILED
The stripes or checks should match well between each parts if the item is striped or checked FAILED
Feeling test by hand to see if the fabric with humidity. PASSED
Fitting check on a model or a doll, If no manequin available ask someone to wear his size and insert picture of front, back and side-Should fit perfectly to the model and have the same effect than client pictures. PASSED
Fatigue test for all adjustable parts found (i.e., zippers, velcro and snaps). Do this 20 times- N/A
Compare the item with the approval sample or technical files (compare all aspects of the item including material/color of fabric, accessories, hangtag/labels, packing, logo/markings, workmanship & sewing construction, washing effect)-2 pieces per color PASSED
check the smell of product/filling is bad smell? FAILED
Hanger check if there is a hanger on the item-The hanger should be the same as the approved sample and should not be damaged or distorted in any way FAILED
Assortment check on all inspected cartons-No size or color mistakes should be observed in the cartons PASSED
Check the net weight for sweater garments (unit: lbs per dozen). Check 3 pieces per size. N/A
symmetry check PASSED
Observation of mould-The item should not have mold or any offensive or strong odor N/A
Fabric-weight check for knitting garment with cutting equipment (unit: grams per square meter). This must be Performed from three places on one sample or from the bulk fabric available. Mark whether the sample was ironed before the test-3 pcs per style PASSED
Color shading check within the same piece: put the same color parts side by side and indentify the different dye lot. 2. Color shading check among all of the inspecterd pieces: place them side by side as per picture “color shading check attached” and indentify the different dye lot N/A
Needle detecting test without metal button or decoration PASSED

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