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ISO 9000 factory audits for your China suppliers

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Factory audits in China and other Asian countries are often (loosely) based on a checklist inspired by the ISO 9000 series. That means the main part of these audits consists in looking for holes in the factory's quality system.

Why is this important? Because it directly impacts the factory's reliability (how likely are they to have quality problems and to miss deadlines?)

Performing such an audit on a small workshop is over-kill. They probably have no system at all, and the auditor's job is over in 20 minutes.

We have worked on a new template for our company's Capacity & Reliability Audit service, and here are the checkpoints related to the quality system:

1. Understanding the buyer's requirements

  • Is there a clear list of all desired characteristics of a product, before production starts?
  • Is it clearly specified in which manner each requirement should be measured/tested?
  • Are conform samples available to workers in production and QC areas? How accessible are these samples (photo on production line, sample in hands of QC staff

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