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  • Mar 31, 22
  • FQA

The concept of a preshipment inspection in quality control

Why do anyone need a preshipment inspection? Or a final random inspection? Or an inline inspection anyway?

preshipment Inspection

In all mass productions, there are always some kind of defects in the products, presumably a small percentage, and it is harder and more costly to get this percentage lowered, like purifying the gold, the purer, the more costly to come by.

The concept is the in-house QC (quality control) should check everything and make sure every pieces is ok before packing, and reject those defective ones for repairing or replacing. But as human makes mistakes, or they don’t mind a little defects, or even worse, some small factories simply don’t have a function to cut cost, so final preshipment inspection is highly recommended in either case, and it should be the factory to do the full check, and make sure the average quality level of the shipment is with the Acceptable Quality Limit


For those factories do not have a quality control function, to work with them for the long term, it would be better to establish and quality control divisions, so you don’t have to do full inspection of everything every time. Mostly a Final Random preshipment Inspection should suffice. 


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