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  • Oct 26, 21
  • FQA

Why most inspections are Final Random Inspections

For most Pre-shipment inspections, how come most of them are Final Random Inspection, instead of full check, initial inspection, during production inspection?

Final Inspection

Normally for common consumer products, we recommend Final Random Inspections when production is finished, and the products are fully packed into the cartons and are ready for shipment. It is cost-effective to make sure the product quality is up to the acceptable level statistically. Most of the inspections are done in this way, 1 man-day should be enough. If the result is failed, the factory need to recheck, rework the whole batch, and pay for a re-inspection.


We do have a During Production Inspection, when 20-30% of the production is finished. This is to find any nonconformities earlier. Mostly for big and important orders, new designs, complicate products etc. It is also a random check. A final inspection would be followed normally.


We recommend you do a final inspection instead. We would also check the quantity, packing, markings, barcodes, and some function tests also.